What does your purse say?

Our homes tell about ourselves: what’s important to us, where we spend most of our time, how “plugged in” we are, and the feelings and moods we enjoy. We're going to turn the tables a bit.

What does your purse say about you? Take a few minutes to dump it out and observe. 

What is it saying to you? (Ok, I’m not going weird now, hang with me it might be enlightening.)

Here are my personal thoughts when I did this….

First of all, the style of my purse-relaxed. I like my hands free!
(I got quite the stash in this little bag.)
Gigantic wallet- Gotta have a place to stash all those gift cards. I am proud to say I do NOT have a single credit card in my purse, debit card only!

Recycleable bag- I must be environmentally friendly, well at least when I remember to use it!

I don't always follow through. Oops! Old snail mail still in my purse 2 months later.

My must-have tape measure- I try to be secretive when measuring in Salvation Army, weird looks are easy to come by.

 Coupons galore- we LOVE saving money! They always clutter my purse. 
(Somedays, I wish The Mr. had a purse for this reason alone.)

 Little hand held mirror- the mom-a-sit-a gave this to me as a gift. 

 I don’t know if I like the practical use or design of it more.

 Numbing cream- Ok, I’ll admit it, I was way over due (maybe by a few years) for a dentist appointment. (Oh shucks, I AM a procrastinator!) This cream came in handy when my incoming wisdom teeth were hurting but I think it’s time to say good bye....to both, yes the cream and yes the wisdom teeth. I'm dreading it already.

 Hair tie- Can’t go without, duh!

Caught me! 
This is my blog ideas book. Anytime I’m thinking about an idea I jot it down so I don’t forget. Yes, that means while I’m at a red light, pulling into bible study, or while I’m wide awake in the middle of the night.

Not pictured:
Moleskin calendar- I’m picky when it comes to calendars. I’m going on year three of moleskin calendars from Barnes and Noble.  First apple green, then turquoise, and now bright purple. That might have to be my next "Gotta Get" post.

Now it’s your turn! What do you have in there? Please share! What screams “You”?

Have a happy weekend!

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CarrieJo said...

my purse screams...MESSY! (one time i found an orange in there that i forgot about...not good!)