It Only Takes One

You know that I can’t wait for our future home that awaits us! I try not to have a pity party too often (ok, I just lied). We do have good reasons for waiting to put some serious dough on the table. If you forgot you can check them out here. (I seem to recheck everyday.) Patience is a virtue, right?!

I needed this!

Well, let's just say there was a little chit chat with The Mr. where he told me we will have to push our time frame back. (Yes, a tear almost fell down my face). His suggestion….rent a house. Awesome....…not! At first I wanted to push him off his bike (thank you 83 degree weather!) but with all the love I had I just reminded myself of my husband’s great wisdom. He’s usually right. Some of the apartment things that are about ready to make me jump out of my skin are…. NO GRILLING (I’m convinced it’s a sin), lack of space for more people/parties, less out of town guests and their babes staying over, storage (I’m getting really good at stacking and cramming). 

If we were to rent a house in a different location would it actually free us up to do those things? Maybe if we find the right house. We’re stuck in these walls until at least August, probably longer. I will tell you I'm pretty stoked we currently live across from the cabana pool!

Realizing that I have lots of time to dream about our home that awaits us, I decided to change up our bedroom to something a little more “me”. It only took one stunning, jaw dropping purchase at HomeGoods and one DIY d*s project to inspire me to revamp our bedroom in our tiny little space (well and a lot of, oh I hate the way this looks self talk the past I don’t know how many months). 

Here is a sneak peek of the lovely item that I just stared speechlessly at for 5 minutes while in HomeGoods. It was a must have!

 I can’t wait to share my DIY project I just finished for my bedroom. Little clue…it involved a paper plate, wax paper, and ribbon….that’s all I’m going to say. Check back tomorrow for all the dirt on how I’m warming up our bedroom.

Out with the old!


Holly.Hency. said...

Come over to our house again and visit when there are not as many people here! I think you would be more open to renting a house or duplex because you have lots of freedom to have a garden, grill, mow the lawn if you want, lay outside in the yard, and lots of space for parties and guests. And just to be honest lots of 2-3 bedroom houses are affordable to rent and still save for the dream house. Some of them even let you paint the walls! Love your blog :)

About Me said...

Holly, thanks for your wisdom! It doesn't sound too bad!