DIY Awesomeness: Book Wreath

The week has gone fast but I hope you have enjoyed the projects from my lovely friends. Let me just tell you I can think of lots more friends with lots more projects. I love the inspiration!

Today's hot project is one that is highly recommended to you! 
I'm proud to introduce you to not only a fellow blogger friend but an old Camarada Comrade (aka Christian sorority,if you want to call it that) of mine, Carrie Liles!
Carrie has a creative mind is highly inspired by things around her. You gotta check out her blog, Life of the Liles for her recent and fun happenings with hubby, Todd. 

Carrie on beautiful book wreaths:

After seeing book wreathes pop up all over blogs, I knew that I wanted to join the crowd and make one for myself...so I did!  I was worried that mine wouldn't look very good but the more I got in to it I realized that it is one of those things that doesn't require perfection (which is good for me!).  It was fairly easy but it was time consuming...which I didn't mind...I just threw a classic romance movie in for fun background noise and got to work with my hot glue gun! 

-hot glue gun
-cheap novels (think Goodwill)
-a little dab of brown paint (I used some gray as well)
-foam wreath

14 inch wreath and 10 inch wreath

Like I said earlier, these wreathes have been popping up all over the Internet...so I used Living with Lindsay's directions!  Thanks lady...you made it so easy for me!!  She made such an incredible DIY video!

There are only 2 things that I did differently from her:

1.  She used a 10 inch foam wreath to start with and I went for the big mama 14 inch foam wreath.  I knew what wall I eventually wanted to put it on so I wanted it to be a bit bigger.  The only difference is that is required more pages.

2.  And speaking of pages...I didn't just use a random book...knowing me I knew that I would constantly be bothered if it was a bunch of random pages that have no meaning to me.  So I decided to use a (very) old dictionary and thesaurus that I found at Goodwill.  I think words are fun and maybe every time I look at the wreath I will find a new word.  I also liked that since the pages were older they had a nice color to them.

Not perfect, but hey that's what makes it unique to you!

Beautiful Carrie! Would have thought you bought it. 
Now that you're impressed, go check out her blog!

On a side note, I hope you have a happy Easter! Can't wait to get back next week!


Nessa said...

I love going back through all of your projects... fun!

Catherine Denton said...

This looks so fun. I can't imagine a better wreath than one made of words.
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