Bedroom Progress

Or Lack Thereof...
I am in the process of redoing (well making it enjoyable for the first time) my bedroom. So far I’ve taken all the red and orange out! Hallelujah! I bought a new muted gray duvet, created a diy chandelier, and rearranged my closet (may be my favorite so far). I can honestly tell you that color has a huge effect on the mood of a room. I often find myself laying on top of my bed because of the warmer and cozier feel. Although the room looks pretty empty, it will eventually feel a little more put together. I have been doing a lot of Goodwill, Craigslist, thrift store looking. I’m kinda tired of it. (This is when my cheapness gets annoying!) I know what I’m looking for but I haven’t commited to anything. Yikes! I thought I would share my ideas with you. (Hoping this will encourage me to seal the deal on some pieces.)

A new duvet started the process.

And then I made a chandelier out of wax paper and embroidery hoops.

Disaster strikes! Old and new combined.

Then I rearranged my closet. Oops! Forgot the after shot, but it's sooo much better! Trust me!

And that's as far as I got.....Boo..

Here's some ideas of some future possibilities:

Love these curtains from West Elm.

I asked my dad if he would make this for me. I even considered making it myself...

I would love to get rid of the tower fan we have by our bed and replace it with something like this
(Hunny, I love you but I think it's time.)

I think a starburst mirror would be a perfect focal point above my bed. This one is stunning!

Nightstand reading lamps found at Pier One
(Why didn't I get these when I worked there last summer?!?!)

All you non-modern fans might call me crazy. 
Perfect for the desk and small space?

What am I stuck on?

 I want something airier looking, taller than normal, and cheap. That combo is almost impossible!

I can't decide on accent colors! Yellow is great with the gray but everyone's doing it. Lavender is beautiful but I don't think I can get The Mr. to give two thumbs up to it. I love green but do I need a break from the color...

I DO love seafoam green with it! This picture stunned me as an inspiration for color. Now I just gotta find the right pieces.
Thank you for this Crate and Barrel.


amy said...

I should send you pics of our master bedroom. It has many similar items to your dream bedroom. I did grays, browns, oranges and creams. It's very soothing and I love it. (my next DIY is making a starburst mirror!)

homeawaits said...

Love it! Please do! Can't wait to see the mirror!