Antiquing: Finding My Niche

Remember when I shared some great and awesome wisdom with you regarding antiquing? Well don’t be too fooled.

What does this post and this picture have in common you ask? Read on!

The epiphany I mentioned earlier came out of a “a-ha-that-makes-too-much-sense” moment at 7:15 a.m. while I was in bed. I realized I loved table settings. Remember my Valentine’s dinner party? Or, how about the above photo? (I spent hours looking for the right glass plates and napkins for my friend’s bridal shower.) I’m intrigued by the fine linens at HomeGoods and would often gaze at them while working at Pier One. For some reason, I’m attracted to place settings. (Weird, I know.) I still can’t figure out why I was woken up to this epiphany but this is what I can piece together so far:

1.       I love color. I am not limited to any colors when it comes to setting the table for parties. It is it’s own entity!

2.       Beautiful table setting requires a touch of problem solving but is quick and easy. You gotta use what you have but make it pleasing to the eye.

3.       It set’s the mood for good eating and priceless fellowship.

4.       Gives fire to my hospitality gene.

Instead of all this blabbin, I’ll show you some inspiration that might knock you socks off. Are you ready?

See more here.

See here.

and here.

The no-fail Martha.

She didn't!

of course she did!

Also, here is one of the first video clips about table centerpieces that reeled me into the amazing vastness of Young House Love.

I think it’s time for another dinner party!

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