TV, TV Mom Says Don’t Watch It

For some reason this is a common phrase that The Mr. seems to get a kick out of every time he says it. Honestly, I have no idea where he got it from but for some reason it sticks. After doing some light googleing I came up empty handed.  (I'm probably ignorant to this well know movie quote or something.) Oh well, I thought it was somewhat of a capturing intro...

While doing my 16.4 lbs of reading while I was on vacation, I came across some oh-I-should-know this fact about tv placement in a room. Have you ever gone to someone’s house and couldn’t see the tv screen because you were too far or too close to the screen? (Now don’t get me wrong, we all make exceptions due to our lovely room sizes or lack thereof.) I know in our last place I probably broke the “rules”.

In case you're wondering, check out these “rules” (I’m treading lightly when I say that) for tv placement from The Nest: Home Design. I bet you’ll be curious after reading. I know I was.

  •  32" tv should be 7 ft. from the sofa
  • 36" tv should be 8 ft. from the sofa
  • 42" tv should be 10 ft. from the sofa
  • 50" tv should be 12 ft. from the sofa
Remember when I said I was treading lightly? I am one of the exceptions my old school tv is 36" and 7 ft from the sofa! I'm pretty darn close. (It's not like I can knock out a wall of this little place anyways...oh to wishful thinking!)
    Almost all of the home décor books I read touched on how to decorate with/around a tv. How often is a tv a focal point on a room? Ummm in this day and age….pretty often. It’s not like you cannot have a tv, so what do you do to make it work with the layout of your home? How do you make it blend into the decor? Is that even possible? 

    Here are some pics of possible solutions:

    the lovely, Young House Love

    love this Utah designer, check her out here

    Also, so many of the books emphasized decluttering around a tv which includes cords and remotes and of course, more cords. My advice- cover the cords! (I'm just now noticing the cords in the above picture. HA!)

    If you're like me, you might be a little curious. Go find your tape measure and measure away! (P.S. I would not be surprised if you already did before finishing this read.)


    CarrieJo said...

    great post lady! :)

    Anonymous said...

    I think I have to move my couch outside now.

    About Me said...

    Carrie-gotta love practical advice! I know I do.

    About Me said...

    Lena- you could always get a smaller tv. I'm sure Greg would easily agree.