Skipping out of Goodwill

I often browse the local Goodwill stores. Lately, I’ve been pretty disappointed with my outings.  Most items were overpriced or not in good enough shape. Last week I stopped at the closest Goodwill to check and see if there was anything I could use for nightstands in my bedroom.  Unfortunately, I wasn't having much success until I headed to the linens row. To my surprise, I came across some great options (not for my bedroom)! There were some stunning colorful table cloths and fabric napkins. I couldn’t resist with a price of .49 cents and $2.99. (I may have skipped out of Goodwill with my $9.03 purchase!) After the successful Goodwill purchase I wished badly that I had an Easter table to set. Maybe next year.

I had to see what they would look like. Beautiful indeed!


Remember when I shared my love of table settings? I have decided I am going to collect table linens so I have them when I need them. I was pleased when checking blog land the other day that one of my favorite bloggers, Anne-Marie at 10 Rooms just posted about cloth linens. Check out the inspiration here. I fully anticipate buying some fabric fat quarters to make my own napkins!

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