House Update

Papers and all, we are homeowners! It was one very happy day!

The first few weeks of home ownership were pretty slow. Mark and I both were calling people for estimates. Nothing was straight forward. I felt young and ignorant. I was told I looked like I was 15 at Home Depot. Thanks for reassuring me to put my makeup on before leaving the house.

Our priorities before move-in (end of July) consisted of refinishing the upstairs floors, moving the hot tub outside, ordering appliances, and executing the kitchen remodel.

Well here's the things that have happened thus far...

 My first doable project was the half bath. The wallpaper was real cute.

 Lions, bears, rabbits and cats. Who would have thought.

I used DIF spray to remove the wallpaper. It was annoying. I learned to dump the DIF gel on my glove and spread it with my hand. It was a lot faster than the spray bottle. This room is still not done. It's my solution to boredom.

 Laundry Room Before
 Laundry Room after the shelving was removed. Things are slow, my friend.

We decided to streamline the flooring in the kitchen and family room for two reasons. We never liked the walnut peg floors and we didn't want three types of wood flooring meeting in this area now that the wall was going to be open. 

We chose the second one from the left. Due to sun exposure/wear/finish, we were advised to not match the previous wood flooring to the new floors. We went dark and I couldn't be more excited! We strongly recommend Lumber Liquidators, we had a great experience with service and hopefully soon the product.

Then some of our best friends came to help. Best friend with benefits. He's a master construction man and boy was he impressive! We couldn't have done it without him!

Luke, the man.

My hunk!

Can you tell I was a little nervous while installing the beam?

And then we made a split second decision to add can lights above the fireplace which I'm thrilled about.

The new beam took the place of the load bearing wall. Quite an accomplishment for a day.

And to see the big picture....
Before (Wall to the left was removed.)

During (paneling down)


No pretty pictures around here, I'm realizing it might be awhile until it feels homey. 

Next up...
kitchen demo
order appliances
 refinishing hardwoods (FloorCraft)
hvac stuff
electrical work
install floors
install the new kitchen and island my dad is working on


We're having fun and really enjoying the results. The sad part... I'm back to school in 3 weeks. NO. WAY!

Day 6: The Upstairs, The Before

We're buying a house and couldn't be more excited. If you haven't read our story, check it out here. Otherwise enjoy the tour... 

The upstairs is covered in hardwoods. Hardwoods that have to be refinished. Talk about breaking the bank on Day 1. There are four bedrooms and two bathrooms upstairs. One room will have a queen. One room will have twin beds and one room with have a blow up mattress. That's my hope!
Master bedroom with two closets.
Small master bathroom.
Northeast guest bedroom.
Southwest guest bedroom.
Southeast guest bedroom.
One of six bedroom closets.

I can't wait to make this closet my sewing/craft storage space...
See the rest of the house here.
Tomorrow we close, tomorrow friends!!!


Day 5: Kitchen Reveal, The Before

We're buying a house and couldn't be more excited. If you haven't read our story, check it out here. Otherwise enjoy the tour...

This is the heart of the home since day one. Welcome to the kitchen.

Ideas are endless. Budget is not.
The kitchen is worse in person  than in the picture. It will be gutted, header and all. The layout will stay the same but new cabinets and an island will be added. Can't wait to see sparkly new appliances!

 The hot tub is peeking out to say hello. Hopefully not for long.
Laundry room and half bath to your left. Garage door to your right.
Wall...be gone!
 Sun room off of the kitchen.

A white kitchen with stainless steel appliances are on the mind. A workable island with three bar stools seem perfect. I can't wait to cook in this space. Here's some of my favorite inspiration pictures.
via pinterest (I've looked for months for the original link)
If you haven't seen the rest of the house....check out the exteriorfamily room, living room, and dining room.

2 Days to Closing!!! Can I get a WHAT! WHAT!


Day 4: Dining Room Reveal, The Before

We're buying a house and couldn't be more excited. If you haven't read our story, check it out here. Otherwise enjoy the tour...

The dining room is the biggest in all the houses we toured. Can't wait to see the food we eat on that table ( most likely, microwave quinoa and egg sandwiches). 
 Looking from the kitchen out. Hollar for the hardwoods!!!
Big window facing the backyard!
Looking back to the kitchen from the living room. It's dinner time!

I'm lacking in the inspiration for this room. I guess you'll just have to keep your eyes peeled.

3 Days to Closing!

Tomorrow... The Kitchen

Check out the exterior, family room, and living room.


Day 3: Living Room Reveal, The Before

The Living room. Where everything takes place. Blogging, Words with Friends Games, television recording. This room is gigantically long which makes for a difficult layout. I plan on portioning this room to break it up.  Two big windows make for some fun.

 This window faces the north/front of our house.

Looking out the back window. The dining room is to your right.

Here's the sofa (supposedly "couch" is an  ugly word) and loveseat I almost bought last week on sale. I'm interested in a quality sofa that will last for years. It will most likely be the most expensive piece of furniture I buy. I'm gladly waving goodbye to microfiber. At least in the living room for now.
At this point I'm looking at these colors as my inspiration for the room.
I recently thrifted a $12 chair with clean lines to have reupholstered and a wooden credenza at Salvation Army for this room. Special shout out to my besties, Brienn and Ashling who are storing them for me. Can't wait to make this room cozy! 

And for the inspiration...

5 Days to Closing!

Tomorrow...The Dining Room


Day 2: Family Room Reveal, The Before

We're buying a house and couldn't be more excited. If you haven't read our story, check it out here. Otherwise enjoy the tour...

The family room is the connecting room from the entrance to the kitchen. It's floor to ceiling wood paneling. Lovely. A piece of the paneling is already undone so we might, just maybe, knock out part of the wall to open it to the kitchen and re-drywall it. Remember I'm in the dreaming stage. Good thing we have connections to handymen. In all the darkness and weird hardwood peg flooring...
 Talk about some wood. Bring that light in!
 Built-ins. Of course I will take them! 
 This window faces the north/front of the house and the driveway.
Looking out from the fireplace area you see the front entrance that leads to the living room on the left, a small under-the-stairs closet, and an opening to the kitchen. We would love to knock part of the wall out leading to the kitchen.

Here is some of my inspiration.

This is the room to read in, the room to rock babies in, the room to stare at the blazing winter fire.

6 Days to Closing!

Tomorrow the Living Room...