Living Room Set-Up

Take a look at your living space. What do you notice? How is your furniture positioned? I bet the couch is facing the tv. Am I correct? Rightfully so!

This may be old news to some but to others this might be just the thing you realize your space needs. Depending on the size of your space, consider breaking the room up. The couch, chairs, and tables do not have to be touching a wall. It’s ok to have more than one space for conversation. You can always rearrange furniture for a large gathering. If pulling the couch away from the wall scares you, put a console table behind it. It’s perfect for eye level lighting. 

The Nest Home Design book shows some arrangements that are helpful. Due to my scanner not working I can't provide them for you but I can provide you with this great slideshow from BH&G on living room layout. Check it out here!

Don’t forget to consider the traffic flow before you move anything. Tape it off if you have too.

I would love to collect before and after pics if you were to try this out! Send them to me at homeawaitsus@gmail.com. You can also send me picture of your furniture groupings. I love seeing the real deal spaces and places in which you live. 

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SUSAN LINK said...

I have that BH&G photo above cut out and saved in my "Love It" file. 2 peas in a pod...