DIY Awesomeness: Toilet Paper Art

You’re in luck!
I have some pretty amazing friends who have some creative Do-It-Yourself projects.  Inspired by those around me, I begged them to share their awesomeness with you. This week I will be posting all the dirt on these fun projects. Get ready! It’s going to be fun!

Starting off Monday strong, from a Russian American, lake house living girl---Lena!

Lena Winn lives in Winona Lake, Indiana and loves creating DIY lovelies. Her and a good friend just started a fun blog on home, design, and fashion. You would be fool to not check it out!

Here’s the dirt on Lena’s easy and innovative toilet paper wall art:

·         cardboard part of the toilet paper roll (I posting a request as my status on Facebook, people were willing to give it to me :))
·         regular acrylic paint
·         paint brush

 Paint the rolls and let them dry. (Do this a couple of times.)

Bend the rolls lengthwise and cut into thirds. (FYI-Cutting into 4 pieces would make the thing not stick out as much from the wall.)

Staple the pieces into a pattern. Super glue will work too.

Note: I painted mine brown and only painted on the outside, but obviously that's a matter of taste. 

Talk about making something work! Trash to treasure, gotta love it! Thanks Lena for sharing your fun project! Make sure to check out her blog, Natty Nook.

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Anonymous said...

And the most beautiful thing is, you can make this thing as big or as little as you like. Depending on how much TP you can save.