Vacation Recap

For some reason, while I was Spring Breakin’ It in Destin, Florida, I started singing the 12 days of Christmas while opening the refrigerator one morning. (How do I remember that when I can’t remember The Mr.’s cell phone number?! No clue!) I immediately changed the lyrics to recap our glorious vacation. I hope you enjoy it. I think it captures a little bit of it all.

Make sure to sing it while you read!

On the last day of vacation my crazy brain reminded me…

12 hours in the Honda Element back to Indiana

11 scary jellyfish (ok, there was more than that!)

10 or so Snowbirds who told us about all the best Destin hot spots: Cabana club with live jazz!

9  plus applications of aloe the first night

8 beach walks with a few beautiful sunsets

7 awesome seafood restaurants (captain daves,busters, pompano joe, dewey destins, sextons fish market, mcguires irish pub, dewey destins,

6 pounds of fresh Florida strawberries

5 dollar unlimited gelato at the outlets on Wednesday

dirty beach towels

3 fillets of fish caught by The Mr. (delectable pompano and red fish)

2 bags of Powerberries (thank you Trader Joes for revolutionizing my dark chocolate/fruit intake)

1 very generous aunt (thank you!!)

Andof course you couldn't go without seeing these:
 Dewey Destins- Best place to eat in Destin!

 Dewey Destins- we went back for more!

1st catch- pompano 

2nd catch-red fish
 Unlimited gelato, must I say more.

 Red fish and lots of guts!

Pompano that The Mr. caught.

Remember this post about my time in Destin? Lots to share with you! Can't wait! Let's just say I did some reading!


Carolyn Bahr said...

So fun! :)

Anne-Marie @ 10 Rooms said...

Looks like you had an amazing trip! This is the third bit about Destin I've read in as many days - going to have to investigate further :)

Autumn said...

likin the song :)

Jill Kropa said...

Love seeing your pics- we as well visited Sextons and Deweys- YUM!