Moving to Colorado....

Some of you might have tweaked when you read the title because you know The Mr. and I are in Colorado withdrawl. (Mark sure misses his days there! How can one not!) But we’re only moving there with a .000009 percent chance. 

Yes! We’ve entered to win HGTV’s Green Home which is located outside of Denver, Colorado. Mark says it’s our destiny! I laugh. He proceeds to use a very low voice and say that I have the blessing of the Lord upon me and that I, in addition to him, need to enter to win. And then I really laugh! 

But seriously, we've both entered. This COULD be our Home that Awaits Us! We're just waiting.

 Oh, Colorado.....

 Sign me up!

 I'm ready!

This IS our destiny!!!

You gotta check out the details and pics here
BUT you are not aloud to enter to win!


Sha said...

May I be the first to say that I have some opposition to you guys moving to Colorado. As beautiful as it is and how wonderful that home would be...I'm just not comfortable with it.

Unless of course there is another house available.

CarrieJo said...

haha you are too cute! :)

homeawaits said...

I figure that we'll use the hundred g's they give us to fly out our friends whenever they/you want!!!