Remember when I shared about our trip to Destin? The 16.4 lbs. of paper that I took on our journey actually came in handy. I was excited to read a bunch of house d├ęcor books and nothing could be better than doing it on the beach.

I conquered all but one of my books. Cha-ching! (Luckily, there were a bunch of pictures!) Each one stood out in a good way. More was learned from some than others, go figure. There were certain ones that I thought I would really enjoy that turned out to be my least favorite. Hopefully what I learned will be infiltrated throughout my upcoming posts.

One thing that caught my attention was from Downtown Chic: Designing Your Home From Wreck to Ravishing. It was written by a couple who have over the years created, I think, 6 homes for themselves. They've got quite the flair. Even though I felt like their house reconstruction overwhelmed me more than inspired me, it was full of inspiring quotes relating to home. The quotes were my favorite part of the book. I seemed to resonate with one quote especially well. It must have been so fitting because The Mr. said to me, “That’s like you”, while we were at the beach. A few days later I asked what he meant and he had the same thinking as me.

“Every artist was first an amateur.”


I am an amateur.Blogging about home and all of its entities is a blast. I know before I started the blog I doubted myself in almost every way possible. I don’t have anything to offer. No one wants to read my thoughts. I don’t think I’m a good writer. How do I communicate what I think? Is it a waste of time? What will people think of me? Where do I begin? After months of this self talk I just got the drive to start it. I had convinced myself that these questions weren’t important and that I wanted to write for myself (at least my mom would read it :)). It was difficult at first to find myself as a writer and articulating what has always been on my mind. Once I got in the routine of putting my thinking into writing it became even more enjoyable.  I have a lot to gain but I look forward to the journey.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my thoughts. I love reading the comments you post and enjoy hearing about your own experiences and projects. It excites me in helping you find solutions for your space or lead you to answers for your questions. Feel free to shoot me an email anytime at homeawaitsus@gmail.com.

Boy... do I appreciate you!!!

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