Urbanize Me

This morning I was wide-eyed by the one and only, Urban Outfitters! It is our (The Mr. and I) dream to have a lake cottage. Let me make that clear. Lake COTTAGE not lake HOUSE (we would even take a little shack on the water). We have a bazillion reasons why but I was reminded this morning of our dream when I saw some beautiful pieces via UO.

I picture our lake cottage as an escape from the typical work week...a comfy and welcoming resort...which is filled with bright and playful surroundings that match the life of those in it. In my dreamland mind I would challenge myself to get away from "new" things while planning the little space.

Upcycling, perfect. Flea markets, oh baby. Hand-me-downs, for sure!

Well, until my dream becomes a reality, (oh, pretty pretty please) I am inspired by some lovely pieces that would easily fill our dream lake cottage.

Oh yeah!
A couple of these would be lovely.
This would be "mamas" chair!
I could put a drink on this, easily.
Wet beach towels?!?!
Details, beautiful...
Bedroom numero uno.
Bedroom dos.
and maybe the third.

And a little rug lovin'!

Even though I couldn't afford most of these things, there wasn't much that I turned my head from on the site

It sure does make me want to go antiquing and have a day or two of DIY projects!

Task at hand: $AVE, $AVE, $AVE!

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