Having It On-Hand: Part 2

Being prepared is a good thing. If you missed my earlier reasoning check it out here.

When it comes to gifting, not only should you have a lovely card but also a perfect gift. Is there such a thing as a perfect gift? I’m starting to believe it to not be true!  Have you ever wished you had something on-hand for a secretary, child’s teacher, or an acquaintance/friend? I know I have! Save yourself the hassle and keep a goody box of little gifts you can give to these people for a special occasion.

 I’ve compiled a list of some fun items to have on hand for great gift giving.  Even better...they're under 10 bucks! Happy gifting!
Ikea $3.99

Pier One $6.00

Pier One $2.98
Pier One $5.00

Pier One $6.00

Pier One $5.21
Target $9.99
Pier One $4.00

West Elm $8.00

West Elm $6.00

Crate and Barrel $9.95

Crate and Barrel $9.95

Disclaimer: I realized most of these items fit the younger female taste. Oops! Make sure you have some other more versatile items too. (I was thankful this Christmas when I had fun butter knifes on hand for my school secretaries.)


Mrs. Swanson said...

The older female tastes would love any of these gifts too! Love you, Cali!

Mrs. Swanson said...

"Mrs." Swanson? Why did it post that?

Home Awaits said...

Lena, can't wait to see your blog!

Shari, you were probably signed in under your blog addy. Good to know about the "older and wiser" female tastes!