Breakfast Nook Beauty

Just recently I shared my awesome steal-of-a-deal dining set story.  If you didn’t check it out, you can here.

Yes, we got a great deal on it and I don’t regret buying it. It met (I guess is still meeting) its functional purpose and has fit nicely with both of our rather small dining nooks we've had. We love that the table leaf can be pulled out to fit six or collapsed to fit four. Let’s just say…it works.

I’m  becoming rather bored of the green tweed upholstery on the chairs, even though it was FREE from my mom. (She was always bringing home rolls of discontinued upholstery from work.) After a recent trip home, I browsed her samplings to see if anything matched the color scheme I had going on in our 770 square feet abode. To wishful thinking, I left with a roll of shimmery gold fabric. I thought it might tie in with my browns and rust colors. After quickly unrolling it I knew it was a NO-GO.

Of course I’m too cheap to buy new fabric for the chairs because I’m dreaming of something a little different. My hope (someday when we meet our home that awaits us) is to sell our dining set and find something a little more modern and fresh. My style is changing and I think that’s ok. Actually, I think it’s exhilarating (in a good, healthy, sort-a-way)!

While I dream of my home that awaits us, I dream of having a dining room AND a breakfast nook. (Can a girl ask for that?!).  The perfect focal point for my someday stunning breakfast nook would be a marble top tulip table. Ok that’s my dream, maybe I’ll end up with a look alike Saarinen table made from fiberboard and steel. What is a marble tulip table you ask….well let me sum it up with a few words for you.

Clean. Simple. Elegant. 

Sounds like a perfect combination doesn’t it? It’s a little mid-century modern but depending on the chairs, it could look luxurious! And that’s exactly what my little dreamland-brain pictures.

Here’s what I have my eyes peeled on…

Maybe once you see these stunning photos you will want one for yourself. Or maybe you think these are way-not-you. Give it some time. Let 'em grow on ya! I have yet to see one (or more like notice one) in a store. I did spend a little time browsing the breakfast nook beauties online here. Of course, you could get the look at lovely IKEA for $179. Maybe a little upcycling and you could create your own little beauty. 

(I have also seen these tables as fabulous bed side tables, coffee tables, and patio pleasers.)

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Carolyn Bahr said...

Don't buy anything until you talk to Aunt Carrie! I can help with pricing and buy things wholesale for you at The Mart in Atlanta! :)