A Gotta Get!

There are some objects that I am a total believer in. When it comes to the house, I can’t help but share. Check out today’s “Gotta Get”.

“Gotta Get” Stats:

What: Flower Frog…trust me, they’re awesome!

Location: Ebay or antique stores

Price: $2.99+++

Size: Small but mighty!

Purpose: Well….

Real purpose: Used to hold flower stems in a vase.
My Purpose: Used to hold pictures, recipe cards while cooking, special postcards and baby announcements that come through the mail, a small calendar on a desk, important reminders, business cards, menu for a dinner party, name cards at a table, labels for edibles at an hors' doeuvres party (try spelling that one!), or a simple paper weight.

Why they’re so hotttt….Uh….aren’t they the cutest little thing ever!!! These are not only intriguing to the females but men can't keep their hands off them. They definitely bring a little vintage to a dull counter or unexciting desk. They WILL be the party stopper. Well maybe just a little old school something worth mentioning.

Check out my minis

Great for recipe cards.

Might want to keep out of reach of the kiddies.

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