A Gotta Get!

When it comes to the house, there are some objects that I am a total believer in. 
I can’t help but share! Check out today’s “Gotta Get”.

“Gotta Get” Stats:

Location: IKEA

Price: $3.99 (makes me melt)

Size: Fits in small areas

Purpose: For use on a book shelf, coffee table, bathroom tray, above kitchen cabinets, office desk, used to cover cords, or whatever your creative mind fancies.

Why’s it so hotttt….
  • Come on, really! It’s $3.99. Isn’t the price enough to sell you?! 
  • They make decorating easy (something we can all appreciate) and can fit just about anywhere. 
  • They work... regardless of your green thumb or lack thereof.
(Wide eyed, I just saw they now have succulents. Can’t wait for my next IKEA trip!) Check them out here.  The IKEA pots work great with the greens or you can be bold like me and just leave them bare. Whatever the case, pick one up or tell a friend. 

Check out my cheap and sexy greens:


Jenae said...

Ok, you need to visit oregon so you can help me out with my place! I have so many little spaces that I don't know what to do with!

Home Awaits said...

I'm in jenae!