Diggin-it in Indy

When we rented our first place we were in desperate need of some furniture.

After browsing Craigslist one Saturday, we found a guy advertising affordable household items. He had furniture, couches, artwork, and lamps. We instantly got in the car and drove to the sketch side of town. (Oh wait, we were already living there.) We pulled up to a small warehouse in which furniture was set outside to attract our penny pinching selves. We were immediately excited to walk out with a bang-up-deal (as the Mr. would say). After some serious time with the guy, we made two successful purchases with a little wedding money we had left over.

We purchased our lovely couch for a whopping $199 and dining room set for a mere $185. Was it what we had always dreamed of? NO!  Was it ridiculously affordable and in good condition and some what pleasing satisfying to the eye? YES!

If you’re anywhere in Indy and you don’t have $1,000+ to spend on a couch, we highly recommend checking this guy out. He is only open on Saturday afternoons. We believe he furbishes apartments for business execs while they stay in a temporary location. Afterwards, he sells the babies. I think some of his stuff  might be spankin’ new though. I was not impressed with the hideous mirrors, lamps, or art but the couches, chairs, and dining sets were definitely worth the moola.

Check it out....

Our 1st Hooray:
                                   More pics to come on the living room...

Our 2nd Hooray:
It came with ivory chair covers which I quickly covered with some green tweed my mom had lying around.

Disclaimer: I hereby am not responsible for any gosh awful pieces at the place.

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