Home-Made Baby Gift

One of my best friends, Lindsey, just recently had baby #2. I know baby #1 is a bigger deal than all the others but I wanted to find something special for the new babe. 

After almost purchasing these, I decided to make something homemade. I had two days to decide on the project and create it before we traveled to see them. With much doubt and a little looking at Michaels, I came home with a little $6 stool. I decided I was going to paint it and make it personal. I picked up some blue and green acrylic paint and some brushes. I also grabbed a jumbo clothes pin (which I love) and some very cool letters to paint and attach for a picture holder. 

Here’s the 2 day process….

First thing- spray paint it white.

Use masking tape to make lines. I thought I could free hand it. HA!

Stripes have to be done in stages. It takes a while to dry, peel, and repaint.

Almost there!

I made sure to cut out a "G" in the school workroom for a stencil for the monogram.

Oops, I forgot to take an after picture, sorry. In case you were wondering I left the clothes pin white and painted the letters pale green.

I missed some necessary pictures of Railey (baby #1) on the stool. She was getting a little more use out of it than Baby Grant. Oh well! We laughed, it might be the best time-out spot yet! What do you think?

Here are some of my other idea runners up….
Personalize a wooden toy crate. Find it here for $10.99.

Personalize a wooden magazine file and put some favorite books in it for the young'n. (Unfortunately, I saw it in the store but can't find a link for you.) 

Hope these pieces will inspire you to do a little Do-It-Yourself project. You CAN do it!


Erin said...

I have made a crate for a baby shower gift. I sanded down all the edges, to keep from baby getting goose-eggs. Painted it, bought those cute little wooden letters and cars, painted those, and then gorrilla glued the name across the front and the cars across the bottom (it was for a boy). I also got some large, wooden balls, like for the end of a dowl, with a flat side, and glued those to each bottom corner for little "feet". Super cute!

Home Awaits said...

Sounds lovely! I think we need a picture!