Having It On-Hand: Part 1

Being prepared is a good thing. It alleviates any crazy last minute decisions, saves you money, and allows you to be ready in a heartbeat. Those are all great things, right?!

Recently, I ran to one of my most treasured places in our place, the closet. I was in need of a birthday card and did not have time to go out and get one. (I looked dumbfounded at The Mr. when he asked if I got one when I picked up the gift. Ha, unfortunately it never crossed my mind.) Luckily, I was prepared and a little organized prior to the outburst. In my hallway closet I keep a few of my goodies in photo storage boxes. Within one of the boxes I keep greeting cards on-hand for times like these. 

Find like photo storage boxes here for only $3.99. 

I have different sections with these labels:
  • Blank
  • Birthday
  • Wedding
  • Baby
  • Sympathy
  • Thank You
  • Miscellaneous

My photo storage box comes in handy often. It is a relief to this forgetful mind! 

I accumulate cards whenever possible. I enjoy the 99 cent cards and often look for ones on sale. If you want to save your pretty little self some time, make a greeting card box. Make sure to get cards for all ages and all genders. Don’t forget some monogrammed note cards for yourself! Also, make sure you have stamps and address labels for use. Someday, when we meet our home that awaits us, I look forward to purchasing one of these with our very own home address.

Wouldn’t this be a great house warming gift?!

Be an encourager and send some snail mail!

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