Weddings, Weddings, and More Weddings

It's officially the season for weddings. The Mr. and I have six out of town weddings this summer. Yikes! Although it will be a lot of driving, we look forward to celebrating with friends. Our first one kicks off the season this weekend in Minneapolis. (I have a deep love for the Twin Cities mostly in part to family and friends who live there.)

Six weddings also means six gifts. Whoa! Ok, gotta get creative! I like to shop from registries but this wedding season I'm looking to put a little personal touch on the gifts. I think it's smart that my mom gives out "The Joy of Cooking" as wedding gifts. Classic and a must have. I'm trying to decide what could be "my" gift that has a little touch of me. I'm considering these options...

A simple, easy to read book about home decor:

I love giving magazine subscriptions! Maybe a year subscription of Real Simple. Does thenest still have magazines? I came up empty handed.
A fun apron with a monogram:
A usable storage tote:

Ok, I need your vote. If you were getting married this summer which would you prefer?

Also, be honest. Stick to the registry or get creative? I'm torn.


Carolyn Bahr said...

I'd do a combo gift ... Love the storage tote idea with a personal, hand-written card, gift card to one of the stores from the registry -so they can put the money toward something the didn't get and something personal that would be meaningful to them and that they would know comes from you ... i.e. photo, book, magazine subscription, etc.

Lena said...

Magazine Subscription:)