Shopping Faves

I am known to do some looking before I buy something. Usually I'm wasting my day away trying to find something cheaper. Some days I roll my eyes at myself. Rediculous. Other days I feel quite proud of my quest for those inexpensive items I've driven all around town for. I'm sharing my secrets with you today. (Remember this is on a small budget.) Hope it helps you save a buck or two.

  • Craigslist/garage sales/thrift stores/auctions (someday we'll get to buy other furniture)
  • Overstock.com has great prices
  • Big Lots (call me crazy but I was just there and was totally impressed)
  • Ikea (may need to buy hemming tape to hem them yourself)
  • Target (reasonable price for temporary living, I probably wouldn't buy them for the home that awaits us)
  • Burlington Coat Factory (you just might get lucky, big supply but need to weed out the uglies)
  • Pier One (check the sale curtains often)
  • Pottery Barn (don't rule them out as being out-of-budget)
  • World Market 
  • JC Penny (good price points)
Duvet Covers:
  • HomeGoods
  • West Elm (must want sale)
  • overstock.com
  • Bed Bath and Beyond
  • Michaels
  • Hobby Lobby
  • Target (great trendy selection)
Picture Frames:
  • Ikea (fo sho')
  • Michaels (with coupon)
Table Lamps:
  • JC Penny
  • HomeGoods (can't beat $29.99)
  • Target
Floor Lamps:
  • Ikea
  • I don't have too much experience in this yet...
Decorative Pillows:
  • Crate and Barrel (love my babies)
  • West Elm (texture=awesomeness)
  • Meijer
  • Pier One
  • Make your own covers with cloth napkins or Joann fabric remnants
  • Target (sometimes they are in the dollar section)
  • HomeGoods (of course)

  • Target
  • HomeGoods

  • Pier One
  • Target- great collection
Small hooks:
  • World Market
  • Hobby Lobby
  • Anthropologie
You may need to tuck this in a file for later use. :) Good luck!

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