Focal Point: Chalk Board

Hope you enjoyed peeking in on our Wine & Cheese Party. I wanted to share the back story to this...

While looking for inspiration for our recent party I came across this on Pinterest

I do love cheese. I consider printing the image and framing it for the party but I thought that was too stuffy. After seeing the photos below I was convinced I needed a focal point aka a chalkboard.

I couldn't find a chalkboard so I opted for this...

Boo! Sorry Goodwill, you will be seeing this back in your store soon.

I remembered I had this tray hiding away that I had spray painted a while ago simply because I was bored. I cut some black construction paper and free handed the liked image (see above) onto it with a white crayon. Wa-lah! Free focal point to give the table the finished look.

Point intended: Need a focal point, try using a chalkboard! See these pics below for other chalkboard ideas.

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