Spoiled by Dad

I know Father's Day is not for a little while but this time of year is big for my dad. He teaches junior high and high school students how to turn wood into beautiful pieces. My dad is skilled at what he does! He built their house and many things in it. He's the king of custom kitchens! 

A lot of my good and bad comes from my dad. I love him! I'm completely spoiled when it comes to furniture in our space. If I see something I like in a store or magazine I usually ask him if he has time to make it. Usually, he says yes with a little time. The Mr. and I enjoy his awesome handywork! We are thankful that we will have some special pieces through the years. Last Friday he had his big woodworking show at his high school. Let me just warn you that this furniture is made by 18 years olds. Crazy, he always impresses me. Go dad!

 The little boys (nephew Aidan and his cousin) were helping my dad pass out awards.

Proud supporters," Mimi" and Aidan.

Here are my beauties made by him alone...

Lots of love to my skilled dad! Thanks for spoiling us!

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