Someday We'll Get a TV...and a Credenza

We haven't had a tv in almost a year. (Yes, we know we're totally Un-American.)  Well, I should say we have a tv but we only see ants running across the screen. People think we're crazy. We do too. We have decided to not pay millions to the cable company because it isn't  worth it to us right now. We would rather be outside, reading, playing guitar, googling, and blogging. I never was a "tv kid". Cartoons, no thanks. We think it's only a temporary thing. I sure do miss hearing the news and what's going on in our world.

We ARE thankful for our community library for their willingness to lend us tv episodes. We have been hooked on Dexter, Breaking Bad (uhhh), and Mad Men. They're not for the straight laced type of person but the plots bring us back. We also appreciate the Netflix account The Mr. won at a work event. Cha-ching. Instant access to documentaries, our fave. Enough of the blabbing about tv. I'm on the lookout (when I say look out, I mean very slow look out) for a perfect tv console. I'm thinking a credenza! (Yup, for some reason I'm hooked on mid-centry modern right now. Probably thanks to Mad Men.) Here's what I'm thinking...

I'm off to look at more credenza photos, come join me!


Nessa said...

I love that first one. Love it.

We have been cable free for 10 months and we are so happy we did it. Our TV watching is much more intentional... not what is on.

homeawaits said...

Yay, glad to know we're not the only ones. What you said is so true!