Needing Advice

I have to admit I was quite stoked to get an email from a friend who wanted a little guidance in her future living room. I am no interior design guru but I do spend a lot of time reading, searching, and learning about design. Thanks to my mom, I've got a little bit in me.

My friend, Gina recently asked me for some help with her living room. She wanted to know what colors would be best to match her free sofa. Nothing beats a free sofa! The color of her couch somewhat resembles the picture below.

What I knew best was to find inspiration pictures with her couch color. I had a blast doing it! I love inspiration even if it's not for myself. Check these out. It will be fun to see her finished room!

See the color trends?
Burgundy, mustard, navy, white, dark gray. 

Hmm...we'll have to wait to see what she uses!

Email me at homeawaitsus@gmail.com if you want me do some digging around for you or need any help.

P.S. It may make my day slash week!


Krysta said...

good color choices! excited to see gina's finished room :)

CarrieJo said...

great choices!!! :) i think you have found a new career! :)