Another Goodwill Find

Happy Friday to YOU!

We at the Ahern Household have quite the weekend! Lots of friends in town and we're running the largest mini marathon in the country, the Indianapolis OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini Marathon on Saturday. I finally got over being mad at The. Mr. for signing me up to run this year (Yes, I beat him big time last year!). Am I ready? Nah, but I know the adrenaline with kick in tonight. We're stoked to spend lots of time with friends who are also coming into town for the race.
Adrenaline already kicked in thanks to this!

Last night I got some extra energy after working late and I stopped at Goodwill. 

I scored BIG TIME! 

I was about doing flips (if only I knew how) when I walked out. I was paying for some small dishes when I saw some workers bring out some dining room chairs that were in great condition. I ran over and inspected them. They were $5.99. Score! Within 3 minutes (well after waiting 6 minutes in line- you gotta have patience when your paying at Goodwill) I had bought them. Then the manager said that they had two chairs with arms. I was on it! I went back and paid the difference. Final total for both chairs was 18 bones! (I may have celebrated a little.)

What do you think of my find...

(Sorry for the shadows, that's what happens when you work full time and have to take pics at night.)

Obviously I'm not leaving it staged this way. I just wanted The Mr. to be impressed by them when he got home.

Now the dilemma....I need your input....What should I do to them? Paint white, leave them brown, or paint a fun color. I'm pretty sure I'm going to recover the cushions. Please make my day by sharing your thoughts!!!

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