Party Time: Wine & Cheese

Our Wine & Cheese Party was a hit! We had tons of fun. We love our friends!

I could probably spend hours typing my thought process in getting ready for the party but I'll spare you the time. Here were my must-haves:

Rustic, relaxed, and romantic feel.
I wanted to use natural elements for the presentation of the food and wine. I'm a firm believer that presentation is everything! I decided to use inexpensive burlap as a table cover. I was excited when I found some paper napkins for $1.99 in just the right burgundy and greens. Luckily, I realized later I had lots to match them. I knew I somehow wanted to incorporate a chalkboard. I about raised the roof of World Market when I found wine plates on the clearance shelf. Y  e  s (me saying it slowly), they were beat up and almost thrown away but I rescued them for next to nothing. A few oldie but goodie bowls from Goodwill added to the display. (Good thing I use green in my place.)

I wanted there to be a wide variety in cheeses. I wanted the kind everyone liked but some other unique ones as well. We went overboard with cheese but it will get eaten by the end of the week! Guaranteed! Each couple brought their favorite red wine. We had four different types of red wines represented for the blind taste testing with total of six to try.

And here's what I know you really want to see...

 Ta-Dah! Love this!

 More about this soon! Be on the lookout this week, it deserves it's own post!

 Hard to decide.

 Matt testing out the clever wine plate.

 None of us are major wine snobs so I forgo(ed) all the suggested ways to host a wine tasting and went with something fun. We rated each wine based on five stars. Then guests had to guess which kind of wine each one was. Miss. Shana was the closest with guessing four out of the six types of wines. You go girl!

After the unveil, empty bottles. 

My personal favorite, little details from the party:
  • black construction paper used with crayon to get the chalkboard effect
  • burlap wine labels for taste testing
  • wine card created in about 10 minutes
  • flower frogs used to hold cheese labels
  • wooden wine plates from World Market
  • burlap to set the mood
  • focal point....fake chalkboard sign 
  • unplanned game of "salad bowl"
  • great friends!!!
I tried to upload the wine card that I made for the party. Google Docs wasn't doing what I wanted it too. Email me at homeawaitsus@gmail.com if you would like the template. Maybe you are inspired to host a wine party for your friends! Only rule is... you have to send me pictures of the party! :)

Here were some links that helped me in the planning process:

Other things to consider:

  • plan on 1 oz. per person for each cheese
  • 6 bottles worked perfect for 10 people
  • if you have more than 10 guests you may want to have some extra bottles for simply enjoying, encourage guest to pour just a sample (I totally "party-fouled" my first pour due to not paying attention. Oops!) 


Allison said...

Hi Cali! Katy told me you had a blog and then I just happened to see your blog on Carrie's blog so here I am. I love your wine and cheese party pictures! I definitely want to have one now. Good job!

amy said...

Love this party! All the little details make it even better!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun party! Too bad we couldn't make it!

homeawaits said...

Allison, you gotta have a w&c party! It was too fun! Thanks for checking out the blog!