Pinterest, A Must Do

The author's purpose (mine) is to inform and persuade you to do this. Sorry for the teacher lingo, I only get four more days of it!

At our recent wine and cheese party, somehow the online tool, Pinterest, got brought up even before we could get the wine bottles open (have I told you I have cool friends!). With a quick 2 minute tutorial I persuaded them to get an account. Since you are reading my blog I consider you a friend and someone to persuade....

Top 5 reasons to be on Pinterest:
5- Create a collection of things you love
4- Organize your thoughts/ideas with pictures
3- Follow your friends styles
2- You'll never be bored again
1- So I can follow you!

Pinterest has pictures aka eye candy on diverse topics:

Find your Style

All things kids

Must Try Food

Travel Adventures

Wedding/Event Eye Candy

Home Delights plus lots more...

If those pictures didn't convince you, I don't know what else to say.

How to be apart of it...
  • Request an invite.
  • Wait for your invite via email.
  • Find inspiration pictures on your own or on the site and follow others.
Hands down. You gotta check it outYou can check out my collections here.

Welcome to Pinterest, friend!

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Anonymous said...

I love Pinterest. So addicting. I have the app on my phone and have to be careful not to spend my day browsing through photos!