Gotta Get: Carrying Tote

A Gotta Get
There are some objects that I am a total believer in. When it comes to the house, I can’t help but share. Check out today’s “Gotta Get”.

“Gotta Get” Stats:

What: Collapsible Carrying Tote

Location: World Market,HomeGoods

Price: $15-$20

Size: Medium, collapses to small

Purpose: Take it with you to the farmers market, oh yes! Call your friends for a spur of the moment picnic at the park, cary cold drinks to a friends for a grill out, keep your Costco groceries cold, or get really creative and use it to hold fish guts on the beach. (The Mr. thought it worked brilliantly.)

Sorry no picture but this is the guy fish that ended up in the tote... 

Remember when we visited beautiful Destin? We stopped in Atlanta to see Aunt Carrie.  Pulling into her house at 3 am and seeing a tote with fun goodies for our week on the beach was truely amazing. Point intended: Use it as a welcome basket!

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Anonymous said...

About that...thanks a LOT for leaving us the tote with the fish gut aroma guys! You now know how much we truly love you. :) Also, that particular tote now sleeps with the fishes, so it's great to know where to find others like it!