A Gift for a Little One

We are so blessed to have friends with little ones. Recently, we celebrated a first birthday with our special friend, Ellie. I knew she would be getting lots of goodies, because they always do at that age. Of course, I wanted to make something special for her. Kinda like when I personalized this gift for another little friend.

Talk about the best birthday suit ever!

I am in the process of creating/sewing quiet time books for children. (The Mr. thinks it might take me 10+ years, it just might.) They are very time consuming. Thanks to Etsy, I've come across easier and quicker ideas. I chose to sew a crayon roll up for part of her birthday gift. I used some good ole Amy Butler fabric I had on hand and some felt. After a little planning and sewing, I ended up with a little treat that would fit perfectly in a diaper bag or her mom's purse.

I'm pretty sure you could make this without Mr. Sewing Machine. A little hemming tape will do the  trick. What other children gift ideas do you have? Please share!


SUSAN LINK said...

This is absolutely darling! Great job.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure we will get years of use from your adorable gift. We love it!!!