Clean Shower Curtains 101

If you're not lucky enough to have the luxurious shower areas above, please read on.

Shower curtains. What do you think of?

It's usually something I pay no attention to and that's a problem! It seems that my plastic shower liner can get quite gross over time. Here are some helpful facts I found, thanks to this site.

  • after showering, keep shower curtain closed to prevent mold growing between the folds
  • always ventilate the shower area so moisture can escape
  • clean the curtain once a month.....I failed!
  • clean fabric shower curtains in the washer, a cup of bleach will kill mold
  • clean plastic shower curtains with cleaner and a sponge (seems difficult to me)
  • clean plastic shower curtains in the washer too! Add 2 towels for friction.... Huh, must try!
  • replace the curtain after 1 year
  • any sight of mold, throw away.....Ooops!
I'm a very spoiled wife. The Mr. is usually The King of Shower Cleaning around here so I usually ignore this area. Soft Scrub or Scrubbing Bubbles is our cleaner of choice. Thanks to a serious deep clean recently, The Mr. was able to bleach the bajeebies out of our shower. I made sure to give him The Best Husband Award that day! What's your favorite product or method for cleaning your shower curtain? Please share!


Amy said...

You can absolutely wash the liner in the washer! It looks like new when its done ;)

Susan Link said...

Cleaning the bathtub is definitely the thing I hate to do the most - and I really caring for my home. I discovered the Mr Clean Magic Eraser and WOWEE O WOW! You all have to invest in one for your tub/shower. A true miracle worker in getting the dirt out of the tub.