Antique Shadow Boxes

The other week I surprised  a close friend with a trip to get frozen yogurt and do a little antiquing for her birthday.  We had so much fun together! I was excited to buy her her first flower frog, remember when I tried to convince YOU to get one of these?

In one of the stores, I was seeing a lot of brown antique shadowboxes. I know that my mom uses them in her decor as backdrops or wall displays. I wanted to learn more about them but I didn't come across much while googling.

Here's the juicy part anyway, making a display lovely...

image (Please look past the dresser.)

I found this picture I took at Christmas of my mom's display. Sorry for the glare.

These work great as focal points above a dresser or hutch. Make sure to add a few feminine pieces with it so it doesn't overwhelm itself in heavy, masculine brown. A glass vase, fresh flowers, or pretty plate may help. Differing heights in objects also makes it more appealing to the eye.

Ta-dah! Now you have something to look for while antiquing.

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