Lovely Greens

Last year, The Mr. was so thoughtful and took me on a little date to get some flowers and a few pots for our patio as a surprise one spring night. He knew I wanted a garden and he thought this was a great alternative. It was. We also planted green beans, strawberries, and potatoes next to our patio. We enjoyed the flowers and rosemary. The green beans produce enough for us to each have a handful, maybe. Strawberries and potatoes...nodda! Over all, it was fun to have some greens to look at during the summer.

I wasn’t planning on doing any greens this year but when my mom gave me a really cool window box I couldn’t resist.  I wanted to check out a local nursery, Allisonville Nursery. I was very impressed with their huge selection. Even better, it was buy one get one free! I spent most of my time looking at annuals (bloom once). I kept my eye on texture, color, and sun light need. If you're in Indy, I would check them out.

I hung it with some wire I found at Walmart. 

I then refilled it with the soil from the pots from last year. I’m surprised but thankful I saved the dirt. Four bucks saved!

I first laid them out how I liked them. Think in sets of odd numbers for arrangements.

I planted them working from the farthest away from me. I crumbled the bottoms of the plants so they will grow better in their new home. After a little watering, they look like they’re ready to grow.

Let’s hope I can keep them alive!

I've found some other fun un-Walmartish pictures for window boxes. Maybe you'll want to try!

And for window box love...

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looks beautiful!

Finally caught up on your blog:)

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