First Blogoversary!

Woot! Woot!

I made it a year! I've now been a blogger for a year and can embrace it. I'm quite proud of myself!

When I first set out to start the adventure of Home Awaits it seemed more idea driven. The follow through seemed nearly impossible if you know me at all. With that being said, today is a day for me to celebrate.

As I reflect, I think about how little I knew about blogging way back when. Did I know that each post would take more than an hour? No. Did I know that pictures editing/uploading/sourcing weren't quick and easy? No. Did I think anyone besides my mom would read it? No. These surprises/realizations have made the adventure worth it. 

Blogging is more about writing than I first thought. Not only is it weird to me that my own thoughts and opinions are public but that people read them and respond/question about them. At first, when people mentioned Home Awaits, it seemed almost embarrassing to me but now I am grateful and appreciate the readership. Read my first ever post here.

Why I love blogging...
Blogging is an outlet. It's a way for me to think out loud when thinking about "home". (Don't worry, I don't think "home" 24/7.) I have learned to love the discipline of writing to a certain audience, discovering my voice. The greatest compliment was when someone said to me, "I can just hear you saying that". That's my goal. I love blogging because I get to encourage and inspire others to "do" (my favorite and overused verb).

Looking ahead...
I don't think I would have written for a year, but I have. Now it's time to look ahead. Here are some of my blogging goals. Maybe I'll make it to my 2nd Blogoversary. Just maybe. :)
  • Taking better pictures.The Mr. reminded me in bed last night that I need to take a class. I told him HE should and then he can teach me. He IS the better teacher.
  • Commenting on other blogs. It's hard for me but I should get over it. I know it would help my blog too.
  • Ongoing writing development. I look forward to being a better writer. It's in the process.
  • Inspire and equip others to try something new or think differently about the space they call home.
I've had my lulls but I still find this community to be one of my favorite hobbies. With 129 posts, hours and hours of typing, time spent reading other blogs, I've learned what it means to be a blogger.  I've struggled at times with the focus being too materialistic but to be honest, I've embraced it as my art. My creative side. Something that I enjoy.

I would love to hear from YOU (yes YOU, the person I went to high school with, the person who saw a link on a friend's Facebook page, the person I've never met) to share questions or home related scenarios for me to ponder and write about. I want to build this community. Not just to build it but to connect and inspire others. Please...comment below. Don't be embarrassed. You will make my day.


amy said...

I've loved your blog and it's been an inspiration to for me to
get creative in my own home when I too am in
a design rut. Thanks for a great first year!

Susan Link said...

I've definitely been inspired by your blog and I've seen growth in you. You have hit the nail on the head as to why many people blog and love it and are even addicted to it. Keep up the good work.