Why Costco...

Why Costco?

WE LOVE COSTCO! We're crazy for our Costco and there is only two of us. 
Top reasons why we love Costco:

  • cheaper gas
  • cell phone deals
  • car tires at a way better price
  • family lunch/dinner for under $4.
  • samples, samples, samples
  • great meat (we freeze a lot of it)
  • Claussen pickles
  • newly discovered Chobanni yogurt. (With 14 g. of protein, I eat it everyday for lunch.)
  • fresh fruit!
  • cheapest Feta
  • good wine at a good price
  • 2nd grade school resources
  • magazines at a discount
  • occasional clothing purchases
  • beautiful bouquets of flowers
  • Kirkland brand wipes
  • bulk espresso coffee
  • walking distance from our church (Usually a Sunday afternoon outing.)

Kirkland (Costco's brand) rocks! I haven't been a member of Sam's Club but I don't think I would ever cross over. Costco is too good to me! Even though the membership is $50, it's worth it even though it's just the two of us.

What's your take? Costco vs. Sam's Club?


kim.heffner said...

We love Costco and we're only two people, too! I definitely agree that Kirkland is a great brand. Try their salsa...it's delicious!

homeawaits said...

Glad to know you are loving it too! I can't believe I forgot the salsa. Simply the best and most affordable due to the rate at which we eat it!