Entrepreneur at Heart

Remember when I shared with you that I would love to be a party planner? (Here's some crazy talk if you missed it.)  Personal, intimate, and fun parties that is. Here's my newest idea. Humor me please....

I would love to create reasonable party plans for people to buy online. I would provide a stylin' mood board of items that the buyer can go and purchase locally. It takes the planning out for the customer but provides a unique and special party. As in the vocabulary of my second grade students, the buyers would think, "easy peasy"!

A while ago I was inspired by these guys.

And with these party blogs that I wrote about here, boy oh boy, inspiration galore!

If anyone wants this service free of charge let me know. I need a portfolio right? ;)


Erin said...

Love this idea!!

Christa said...

yes! you can plan Lukey's 2nd bday. PLEASE. it's still 5 months away, but I need a head start!

Anonymous said...

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