I'm Really Doing It!

I’m really doing it! My new favorite hobby has been to spend my nights not grading papers, but in fact, reading blogs. There is just something about it. I love all blogs relating to home/décor.  Since discovering the world’s greatest blog…Young House Love…it has awakened me to so much more. The best part of it all, you ask…..INSPIRATION! And hence….. why I started my own. So much good stuff out there in the blog world I couldn’t help but share it with you and help organize my own thinking.
My goal in life (if you can call it that) is finding everything at a cheaper price. Boy, does it feel good! The Mr. and I are two peas in a pod when it comes to wanting a good deal. Maybe we’re crazy. (We rarely buy things at the grocery store that are not on sale.) But heck, we save money and still have quality items. With that being said, the blog will introduce you to our penny pinching purchases and our projects.
Home Awaits-
Going on year two of living in an apartment (plus 4 years in the glorious college dorms/apartments), I’m soooo ready to buy a house. We’re waiting of course for good reasons like commitment to staying in one location, stable jobs (I’m a second grade teacher), and getting rid of student loans (yes, we have those). In the meantime, what can a girl do? DREAM! So that’s my task right now…to dream. And I love dreaming. So until that day comes when we sign papers and become “real” adults, I will dream, plan, and be inspired while our home awaits us.

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