What We Want

Yesterday I shared the baby steps we've taken in the last week in home buying. It's quite exciting that the time is actually here. Visions are becoming realities. Very cool if you ask me.

Every time we're with friends and family they always ask one question. "What are you looking for in a house?"

We haven't completely nailed down our priority list but this is what we're thinking as of now.
  • 3+ bedrooms
  • 2+ bath
  • mature trees
  • shorter commutes to work
  • spacious kitchen, not updated (I've seen too many poorly updated kitchens.)
  • no major remodeling...not in the cards this time 
  • garage...I'm over scraping my car. Plus I need one for my inherited refrigerator.
  • school district
Our price point puts us at two different styles of houses. In my school district, we could afford a ranch style home with lots of character and mature trees. Going north towards Carmel, we could buy a bigger, newer house and still have the trees. Hmmm... What will it be...

Things that we're not so cool with...
  • vinyl siding, builder-boring
  • weird layouts
Whoa... we are adults. 

Side note: I've enjoyed hearing advice and encouragement from my readers. Much appreciated! 


Erin said...

Love hearing everyone's wish list in a home and how different they are! As dumb as it sounds all those people on HGTV that say location, location, location are totally right! I think we bought the ugliest house in the best neighborhood and are so glad we did!! Good luck!

homeawaits said...

Erin, I sure hope we can be as lucky as you guys!

Shaina said...

Cali this is so exciting! I have loved reading your blog and look forward to reading all about this process. My husband and I are still working on paying off our debts and will then begin saving for a down payment. I've been itching to buy a house for some reason this year but I know I need to continue to wait patiently. It's just not easy! Its really cool to see this process starting for you! Best of luck!