Home Buying Update

After the new year I shared our home buying goals for this year. It's the end of February and we're moving along. Slowly that is.

Our goals are changing. We've been crazy about paying off our student loans so that we could be debt free when we purchase a home. We've decided to not completely wipe it out due to wanting a bigger down payment/money to work with in making our future house a home. But don't think we've given up on paying off our debt. We made our final payment on my Anderson loans a couple of months ago. One down, one to go!
  • We just got pre-approved for a mortgage last week. HOLLAR! If you know me and this process, you know this is a really really big deal. The Mr. completed a form online. The bank called. We were pre-approved! Simple as that. If only the whole process will be this easy. Here's to wishful thinking.
  • The Mr. made my heart skip a beat when he sent an email to a recommended Realtor for us to chat. Score!
  • I've planted a seed in my dad's ear, custom kitchen........here's to double wishful thinking.
  • More importantly, we've been praying for what's next. Whatever that may be.
All in all, baby steps make me happy. Very happy.


kim.heffner said...

Hang in there, Cali! It's quite the process and can be stressful at times, but in the end when it all works out it's the best feeling! You can do it :)

Christa said...

Yay!!! Good for you paying off student loans - between you & Dave Ramsey, I'm inspired to keep packing lunches and riding the bus to fork over my big bucks to Bethel until I'm debt free. and GOOD LUCK with the house process too - a great Realtor who doesn't mind showing you a million houses is the most important step! I will be praying for you, it takes a lot of patience but will be so great and so worth it, especially with you guys being so smart about saving. I will also start pinching my pennies for a little roadtrip to Indiana some time later this year.... :)

homeawaits said...

Thanks Kim for the encouragement.

Christa, you're leading the way with a short sale, Realtor advice, yet pinching pennies. I love it! Indianapolis welcome you and the fam ANY day!!!

MegPula: Virginia Pines said...

Cali- I am so happy to see this post.

Firstly, so excited for you guys. I hope everything works out. You deserve a lovely home to redo and decorate... ohh I can only imagine.

Secondly, congrats on paying off those loans! I am so impressed, an inspiration to us all! kevin and I also want to buy a home soon but also want the loans paid off. It's good to know that you guys can do it, or almost and so can we! Thanks for your post! Please keep us updated.