Say Goodbye

I was ready to take down my Christmas card pictures but really didn't want to. My solution? Cut off the Christmas clutter. (I couldn't salvage all of them. Boo-hoo.) Now I have a bunch of good looking people on my refrigerator! 

A before shot would have been good. You get the point.

Here's some other Pinterest ideas (late in coming) to savor the Christmas cards a little while longer.
A few metal rings and a whole punch. Enjoy on the coffee table.

Practice names or use as a prayer journal for little ones..

That's all I got friends. Did you try something new this year with your Christmas cards?

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Mrs. Swanson said...

I have parents of my students cut off the card cover and give it to me for my "Making Cards" tub. Next year I pull out the tub and Voila! a "Making Cards" center for my kinders at Choice Time. Parents are happy to contribute and I get tons!