March Recently Acquired Goodness

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, it's time for March's Madness online goodness. If you've missed out on January or February, you may want to check this post and this post out.

This month hasn't officially blown my mind in goodness due in part to me admiring 80 degree March weather. Here's a little taste...

I got the major itch to garden. Weird, I know. Seeing this chart made it even harder.

Home Decorators...Wow, I've been out of the loop. If you are looking for anything to decorate your home and you care about the price tag, get a catalog request here.

Pinterest....are you a fan? You may want to read this.

Want to change up your frames. See this tutorial from A Thoughtful Place blog.

I recently celebrated with my friend Lena at her baby shower. The hostess' were fab! You can check out this blog post of pictures from the party. It was well done and so fun!

 And to sum up my favorite parts of March...

-My interactive whiteboard that I wrote a grant for was installed. My classroom is revolutionized.
-Lots of time with friends, lots!
-Officially started training for the Indianapolis Half Marathon. Somehow The Mr. convinced me again this year.

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