2nd Annual Wine & Cheese Party

I'm currently experiencing cheese comatose. I'm not complaining. Last night we had quite the time with our friends for our 2nd Annual Wine and Cheese Party. The first year was a success so we had to continue with the spring tradition.

If you like wine and cheese, this party is worth having. I started thinking about it again here. Every couple brought a bottle of red wine and a cheese, some brought two. We put all the wine bottles in brown bags and had a taste test throughout the evening. We rated the wines and guessed each type of wine based on a description. We're no pros. 

Number four was the highest scored wine. Yes, we brought back the winner from last year. All the way from Costco, BV Napa Valley 2008, Cabernet Sauvignon.

We had a bordeaux, cabernet sauvignon, malbec, two zinfandels, and a mystery one. 

Congrats to Mark for getting 5 out of 6 right. Promise it wasn't rigged. 

The boys were boys and the girls were girls.

All party goers know a party is not a party until there is trivia. Cheese trivia to say the least.

This web of friends is pretty awesome. Blessing...check!

Thanks to Linsey, the next group party is already in the works. Cinco de Mayoooooo! 

Check back later in the week for the five new party recipes that I tried.

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amy said...

Looks like a great party! Can't wait for the recipes you'll be sharing... =)