Looking Ahead: Party Time II

It's officially time to plan our Annual Cheese & Wine Tasting Party! I'm excited.

Parties are what I love. People are what I love.

Last year, The Mr. and I had a blast hosting a wine and cheese party. We went overboard on cheese but it was well worth it (cheese for months!). I think we had over eight kinds of cheese along with prosciutto, crackers, bread, and all that other good carb stuff. Each couple brought a bottle of red wine. Throughout the evening friends poured at their own desire. A card was used to rate the wine and each person voted for their favorite. I forgot to mention it was a blind taste test. Bottles covered.

Here's some eye candy that I'm using as inspiration as I plan for round two.

No plans of eating and drinking on the bed. Think color and emotion.

Why not...

Clearly labeled cheese. Maybe with descriptions this time.

Every fun party has some fabric streamers...

Our party will look a lot like last year. 

Can't wait to be blindfolded! 

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