Recently Acquired Goodness

It's Monday, January 16 and I have no school. Yes! Thought I'd share some of my favorite blog/internet stuff as of late.

  • One of my favorite bloggers, Anne-Marie at 10 Rooms posted this beyond amazing post of knowing the difference between gray, greige, beige, and taupe. If you're picking out paint colors anytime soon you gotta read this!

(I can't imagine how long this post took to write!)

  • I found this over break. If you're a techy or use Google Reader often, this is a must see.

  • We found out during the holidays that everyone likes this....

Brie cheese with cranberries, pecans, brown sugar, and puff pastry. Yum!
See all the steps to create it here.

  • I recently threw this together to maximize space. It's not perfect (sliding rings) but it works for now.

  • Want to blow your mind? Try this! Martha Stewart, you are good! It's revolutionary for perfect kiwi cutting!

  • And to sum up our place...

Well, that's all for today! I hope something grabbed your attention. This just might be a start to a monthly series. Have you found anything interesting to share? Please do!


Lena said...

That post about grays sounds interesting... I'm thinking about possibly painting the nursery some shade of gray, but haven't decided yet.

Cassandra MacDonald said...

Omg we have a room I painted grey and I really love Iit against the white trim. I highly recommend it as it is so easy to pair with one pop color. Do it u will love it.

homeawaits said...

So cool! That post is a MUST read. She broke it all down with the cool grays and warm grays.