A Gift for a Little Boy

My stinkin' cute nephew, Aiden, loves Legos. What boy doesn't! I can remember my brother's tub of Legos that were scattered amongst the living room floor from wee hours in the morning til late at night. My brother was an addict, and now his son is following in his steps. For Christmas I wanted to make something special for him. A Lego table came to mind. 

My brother with Aiden. It makes me sad that I don't have an updated picture of him.

Pre-made wooden Lego tables sell for over one hundred dollars but you and I both know that was not going to happen. Being resourceful, I bought a small side table from Target for about $15. Fortunately, we have a Lego store at our local mall. (It's quite awesome if you are male and between the ages of 3-12.) I picked up a Lego plate for the base of my table. I also picked up some heavy duty adhesive spray (that I used here) to glue the plate onto the table. In about 5 minutes I had a functional gift. Score! Yes, I think he's liking it.

In addition, painted yellow lines could be added to the edge for a road or added pockets to the side of the table for storage, or a basket underneath for all the Lego pieces.

I saw this on Pinterest via Pink and Green Mama Blog that I thought would be a good addition for an older boy. For printing, visit Lego site. 

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