Mirrors, Gotta Love Them!

My two favorite things to decorate with are mirrors and trays. In our 730 square feet (yes I just said seven hundred thirty), we have five mirrors. We're not vain I just like the way they open up a space and provide a visual extension in tight quarters. 

Mirrors go everywhere. I use them as art. I haven't yet invested in any artwork. It's my goal someday. For now, mirrors do the trick. Here are some great ways to use mirrors around the house.

A mirror tucked into a closet turned office brings light in further. (I used to have one in my closet with a little self for makeup while growing up.)

A few mirrors and an IKEA Lack shelf in an entry way provide an instant focal point!

Thinking outside the box. Three floor length mirrors, horizontal position. Way cool!

Mantel, one of the best places to put a mirror in my opinion. This space seem automatically bigger.

A decorative mirror in the corner, above a nightstand, shouts pretty.

An assortment of mirrors make a focal point in the corner of the room.

A little more permanent but a little more stunning!

I'm obsessed with mirrors and these photos capture it truly. 
What's your favorite way to use them?

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kim.heffner said...

We have a large oval mirror from Ikea above our couch. It really adds to our space!