July's Recently Acquired Goodness

Whoops! April and May are out the door. I'm picking back up in the series with June. Oh wait, it's already July. Anyways...here's what I got excited about lately while watching boring television ...

1.Totally worthy of number one, tonicliving.com. They sell AMAZING fabric that I can't seem to choose between.

2. How to Choose the Right Rug. Thank you West Elm, I shall see you soon!

3. One of my favorite businesses to follow on Facebook, Sweet Lulu. This shop is too cute. Party supplies that are beyond fabulous...

4. This picture from Apartment Therapy came in handy when looking for a ceiling fan for our sunroom. Helpful?

5. Looking for a guy's gift? Want something unique? Check out Uncrate, one of Mark's favorite website to browse. Pretty cool guy stuff!

6. If you're to buy a home decorating book, this is the book I'd recommend. It's my favorite. So practical! I should probably be giving it at bridal showers!

Honestly, this is how I feel...

Have you seen the most recent issue of the online magazine, Lonny? Even the ads are good!

A recent parenthood talk with my friend Lindsey made me think about the bigger picture. Her view is quite admirable. (Maybe worth a guest blog post!) Recently, I stumbled upon this post about being intentional while raising a daughter. Must read!

And the print that I come back to time and time again...  

Check the print out here.

Thanks, July!
Thanks, Internet.
Thanks for always adding to my ponderings.

If you've missed out on earlier months Recently Acquired Goodness, you may want to check this post, this post, and this post out. Enjoy!


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