Eating an Elephant

Sometimes the process of making our home livable is like eating an elephant. One piece at a time.
I'm quite excited to share with you the recent updates. We're moving right along!

Wednesday night our friends, Bri and J.J. came to help tear out tile with us. They are very gracious and because of their past experiences on their house, they were pros.

Willing friends. Check! After a few hours we had about 2/3 of the kitchen floor ripped up. Unfortunately the dumpster was coming the next day so we had no where to go with it. My favorite little man, Barrett came to visit. Quite a pleasant distraction!

and because I can't get enough of this kid...

The next day... Who do you think filled the dumpster? Yup, this girl!

Our plan was to finish up the kitchen floor and remove everything in the kitchen by the end of the weekend. Success! 

I was one happy daughter. My dad texted me these pictures of our kitchen island. Custom designed and built by himself! "Whoa baby!" were my exact words.

Here are our pretty cabinets my dad put together!

He said the drawers and fronts of the kitchen will be in this week and the kitchen will be ready to be installed the week of the 23rd. Yikes, that means we've got some serious work to do. Drywall, electrical, insulation, gas line, AND flooring. All on this week's to-do list. Hair falling out. Check!

Drum roll please....
The upstairs floors have been refinished by FloorCraft. We had four different recommendations for them and were very happy with the outcome. Unfortunately, the floors take one week to cure 70% and two weeks to cure 100%. No dragging, pushing, or pulling. So much for moving some things over this weekend. That puts us at our July 31 deadline. They sure are BEAUTIFUL!


 Semi-After (without polyurethane)
 I plan on painting the risers of the stairs to match the trim work. Contrast please!



We've checked off a lot of things in the last three weeks on our to-do list but it isn't over yet.

Moving right along...
-remove living room paneling
-remove built ins/mantel
-remove quarter round upstairs
-refinish upstairs floors
-buy lawn mower
-move HVAC duct work
-strip wallpaper in half bath
-remove wall/add beam
-design kitchen
-buy flooring
-remove kitchen header
-update electrical in family room
-replace family room insulation 
-remove kitchen tile 
-remove appliances/cabinets in kitchen
-sell cabinets/oven
-order appliances from Whirlpool by the end of July
-run a gas line for a gas stove
-paint quarter round trim
-drywall family room and kitchen
-kitchen electrical work
-level floor and install engineered hardwoods
-choose a kitchen sink and lighting
-paint family room and kitchen
-install kitchen cabinets
-paint/stencil half bath
-install mirror and lighting in half bath
-hot tub removal 

It's a long list and will only get longer as we get further down the list. 
Here's to a July 31st deadline and not letting everything be a blur!
Thanks for following along!

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TheWholeEnchilada said...

So excited for you! I saw your parents at the pool the other day and they were so excited about your new kitchen cabinets (and house) as well! I also got to meet your Aunt who was visiting, and she was lovely and inspirational! :) Enjoy the house re-do!!